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Analytic survey of music companies in Dakar

Analytic report on the main problems facing the industry and presentation of the 63 companies identified for the industry’s various professions

Study of the feasibility of the incubator scheme in Abidjan

Analytic survey of music companies in Abidjan

Analytic report on the main problems facing the industry and presentation of the 62 companies identified for the industry’s various professions.

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The first phase of the ARPEM programme has mainly been spent in conducting feasibility studies, identifying the companies and analysing the music industry in each country. With the Dakar seminar, the launch of the ARPEM blog and the gradual implementation of the preliminary actions for the Ouagadougou and Abidjan incubators, the ARPEM programme is now entering its interactive phase.

The Dakar seminar: launch of a sub-regional movement

The Dakar seminar, held at PECCS-FOMECC, June 22-24, 2010, marked the start of a promising sub-regional movement. The three days showed that the changes initiated recently in West Africa in terms of support for the cultural industries are reflected in the emergence of a common language for cultural operators and international organisations. There was a strong consensus of opinion among all professional players on the subjects of the situation of the cultural industry, the formulation of recurrent problems, the analysis of their requirements and the need to ensure a place for culture among the priorities of local and national policy makers and international cooperation strategies. Far from being an end in itself, the construction of this common understanding forms an essential foundation for the continuation of a structuring process. Beyond this progress, the Dakar meetings also revealed the need to share experience and practices, to compare approaches and to debate viewpoints. Indeed, such exchanges will form the basis for defining the main guidelines for future strategies.

The ARPEM programme blog: a new networking tool

At the Dakar seminar, the partners validated the launch of a blog to encourage sub-regional exchanges between project holders and to improve the quality and density of a joint reflection on the subject of support for cultural entrepreneurialism. The Culture et développement team is therefore most enthusiastic to set up this new tool, which we hope will meet your expectations. The blog is designed as a user-friendly platform, open to all for both reading and publishing comments. It is organised into theme areas, and will be monitored by a team of moderators (one in each country). Culture et développement will take care of technical administration until the next ARPEM seminar. The blog, which is now up and running, is for ARPEM partners as well as cultural operators and entrepreneurs wanting to join the sub-regional discussion on how to develop cultural entrepreneurialism in West Africa.

Preliminary approach to identify and promote best practices

From next October, the incubator projects in Abidjan and Ouagadougou will be implementing their first activities: training sessions for the creation, management and development of cultural companies, project supervision, creation of resource centres, development of teaching material, etc. These different actions, whose implementation will take into account the recommendations of the Dakar seminar, will promote awareness of the professional and institutional environment as well as testing incubator operating methods. The next sub-regional seminar, to be held in Abidjan in 2011, will be an ideal opportunity for project holders to review this first prefiguration phase and to discuss the methods tested. This network methodology is intended to improve practices and to promote the techniques deemed to be the most efficient.

The Culture et développement team